Whether utilizing us to help you maximize your business value or working with us through acquisition, we get the results you deserve.

Capital Crossroad LLC

Our goal is simple. Invest in people who can lead and grow successful small businesses.    

Contact us to unleash your potential.  

Financial Capital

  • Equity Investment
  • Financing Advisory Services
  • Lender Negotiation
  • Working Capital Management
  • SBA Loan Experience
  • ​Private Equity Sourcing
We put our 20 plus years of big business and small business financial and management leadership experience to work for you. Buy a business with confidence.

In certain investment cases, we join you as a major equity partner for businesses that meet our strict criteria for investment. 

Small business acquisition expertise.

Intellectual Capital

  • Acquisition Strategy and Target Identification
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Business Plan Development
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Management and Improvement 
  • Exit Strategy and Divestitures
  • ​Accounting and Finance